Nature Conservation

Most of Vivolicious’ designs are inspired by nature, and we strive to make a difference by pledging a percentage of our sales to the Flower Valley Conservation Trust.  

The Flower Valley Conservation Trust is a recognised public benefit organisation that enables and facilitates good fynbos landscape management for fynbos conservation and the social-economic benefit of communities living in the Cape Floristic Region.  

Flower Valley Conservation Trust focuses on:

* Fynbos research

* Protect natural fynbos landscapes

* Improve livelihoods across the Fynbos Biome

* Guiding harvesters and land users to pick fynbos responsibly

* Work with retailers, to encourage them to sell sustainably-sourced fynbos products.

* Coordinate invasive alien clearing programmes.

* Incorporate environmental education into the learning programmes at Early Childhood Development centres.


    There are more than 9,000 different plant species in the Cape Floral Kingdom – including our national flower (the King Protea).

    Fynbos makes up the largest part of the Cape Floral Kingdom. This kingdom is the smallest of the six global floral kingdoms. And it’s the only one found in one country.

    Since 1900, 37 species have been lost in the Western Cape of South Africa (the home of fynbos). That's the second highest number of plant extinctions in the world.

    The threats are:

    - Invasive alien plants

    - Conversion to agriculture

    - Unsustainable use

    - A changing climate and urbanisation


    The Flower Valley Conservation's conservation and community programmes now fall under the management of Grootbos Foundation, a member of the Walker Bay Fynbos Conservancy.  Read more here: