About Vivolicious


Vivolicious is a proudly South African brand, from design to finish. We pride ourselves in making beautiful active wear. We morph art, inspired by nature and human emotions, into quality fitness apparel, resulting in stylish statement active wear.


Our active wear is designed with detail (and a whole lot of love). We spend hours poured over our designs to make sure we get the size and position of the prints just right. 

Our prints expresses our love for nature, with intricate designs that make our tights unique and exclusive. We do not use generic rolls of fabric, and we are not limited to the fabric ranges available on the market. 

Even more important to us than our unique prints and colours, is impeccable quality and functionality. 


We cater for athletes that have high quality standards when it comes to choosing apparel. You can do low-intensity studio exercise in most active wear, but you cannot run in all active wear. We design our range to be suitable first and foremost for the most extreme conditions of ultra-distance running.  We have our range tested by long distance runners during ultra-marathons both on the road and on the trail over races as long as 60 -100 km. We know a comfortable fit during an ultra-run will naturally be suitable for other, less intense activities too, not the other way around!

As a result our apparel is versatile.  We have athletes doing gym, CrossFit, Pilates, yoga, callisthenics, Barre, rowing, stand up paddling, kickboxing, Zumba, horse riding, Golf, hiking, climbing, orienteering, road running and trail running in our gear.


It will be hard to beat a more comfortable fit than those of our leggings, capris and shorts. We pride ourselves in functional detail like secure discreet pockets (in a comfortable position), double lined-gusset and flattering high rise waist.

The hidden inside waist tie further differentiate us from other brands. This functional detail allows for a customised fit and ensures that our bottoms live up to our no-sliding-down promise. 

Our leggings fit lit like a second skin, you forget you wear them, and the harder you work, the more you sweat, the better they feel and perform.

We do not sign off on designs that do not adhere to our perfect-fit-policy. 

Our garments have no exposed elastic that will chafe and irritate your skin.

Our apparel has no scratchy labels that can irritate your skin, instead the usual label information is incorporated into the fabric.

With all Vivolicious active wear you can feel the luxurious difference of our superior quality fabric and finishes. Our customers return for more, not only because of the lovely prints, but for the utmost functional comfort.  


We use 4-way stretch performance fabrics that are light, yet strong, wick away sweat, and dry superfast. It performs AND feels luxurious against the skin. In addition the UPF30+ rating ensures protection from harmful rays. The fabric is also saltwater and chlorine resistant.


We use the latest technology to ensure the beautiful colours stay and never wash out or fade, no matter how often you wash the garment.

Prior to applying the art to the fabric, the panels are cut to precision, removing any excess bulk. 

We use specialised machines to sew our garments.  All seams are flat to prevent chafing. In addition we use the softest threads to ensure our garments are comfortable against your skin. 


We are passionate about nature, and make a difference by pledging a percentage of our sales to the Flower Valley Conservation Trust for fynbos flower conservation. 

We say no to plastic.  We pack all our orders in paper packets.


Our fitness outfits are comfortable and stylish, making it ideal for travel and to wear beyond sweaty workouts as fashionable leisure wear.  It does not crease, and requires no ironing.

Train in it. Live in it! 


We are meticulous when it comes to our designs, ensuring the utmost quality is achieved, whether in style, print, colour or functionality.  Everything has to work - It has to be pretty AND practical.  We love it, when you love it.