~ by Vivolicious

Not all tights are equal. You can do studio work in most tights, but you cannot run in all tights. Vivolicious design their tights first and foremost for long distance running, knowing that if they are fully functional for the hard core training that long distance trail runners do and the environment they move in, they will also perform in most other activities.

1. It needs to be light, yet strong enough to support the intense movement of running. (No wobbling flesh)

2. It needs to stay in place, no pulling needed. (No riding up. No drooping)

3. For trail runners, it is important that even if you do fall, that the tights do not tear.

4. Minimal seams, and flat seamed to prevent chafing.

5. No exposed elastic that scratches your skin after 10km.

6. It should fit stylishly snug to the skin, creating a slimming silhouette, without being too tight.

7. Perfect sizing and a good fit are essential with a gusset for natural movement.

8. Sweat-wicking (goes without saying).

9. It must flow with you when you run or bend or move.

10. It need to be long lasting, wash after wash, run after run.

11. Discreet, sturdy pockets to keep valuables safe.

12. It needs to make a statement and be fun to wear.