Today I went for a RUN with my mask. What a pleasure..... It was not irritating on my face and I had a much better run compared to others. Thank you for recommending your Active Tech Face Mask to me. I tried so many other masks, FINALLY ONE THAT WORKS. ~ Tracey Johnson, 4 July 2020
I love my Lilia Active Tech mask, so much easier to run with it than a regular mask. ~ Claire Elsworth, 28 May 2020
The Active Tech Mask is fabulous to use when working out. ~ Lisa Raleigh, Fitness professional, 21 May 2020
Really the most comfy mask I have bought so far by FAR.  I have bought a few Face Masks all over, and I LOVE YOURS MOST.    ~ Liezel Vilonel, 15 May 2020
I ran with the mask yesterday and again this morning – the #vivolicious Active Tech Mask is a winner – it fits nicely so I am not constantly moving it on my face while I am running and is MUCH EASIER TO BREATHE with than a buff or an ordinary fabric mask.  ~ Colleen Buchanan, 18 May 2020
MOST COMFORTABLE mask I have. ~ Marycke van Deventer, 5 May 2020